Customer Service – The Customer is Always King

What is customer support? Really, what is customer service? Because I am attending to suppose some businesses do no longer apprehend the concept and can not supply it. An smooth definition of customer service is treating your client nicely. Ahhh, sure we can agree with that however just treating your clients well isn’t always appropriate sufficient. We want agencies to go beyond treating their clients well.

Customer service in 2010 is a function of the way nicely an company is able to continuously and continually exceed the wishes of the patron. If a business today is not able to compete on customer service delivery then it makes no experience coming into the commercial enterprise international. The organisation could have neglected the factor and cognizance of what groups must deliver to their clients. Firms today show on big scrolls their undertaking statements and vision statements of their establishments. They express how great the client is but by hook or by crook their delivery does no longer in shape up with the phrases.

On Wednesday March three, 2010, my friend purchased two slices of cakes from Pastry Passions. They have stores in Manor Park and Liguanea, all located in Kingston, Jamaica. Later on, nangs delivery I opened the bundle, the whole thing seems presentable, glanced a piece; it seemed true so I commenced to partake. After eating portions I observed that there was plastic under the icing. I idea to myself “this is not proper?” I have by no means purchased a cake and seen plastic underneath the icing. After a few investigations, I learnt that they use the plastic to hold the moisture. It is used for cakes like black forests – the one we bought. Clearly the person who carried out the icing forgot to take off the plastic.

I diagnosed then that this ought to had been a real mistake. I can’t fathom a pastry outlet of the reputation like Pastry Passions making this mistake.

In a state of affairs like this you both accept the error and the disservice as normal or you report the scenario. It is sad that I was willing to condone and accept this mediocre provider transport from a agency if you have paid a pleasant chunk for a slice of cake. Many clients percentage this profile although. When something within the service transport goes incorrect they accept the incorrect actions with the aid of the agency as ordinary when it isn’t. We need to attain a degree in which moves like these do not go unreported. We were so lackadaisical approximately it that I changed into capable of persuade my pal to eat the cake.

However, he decided to name Pastry Passions to report the case so that they had been aware about the matter and that no person could be harmed. It would be unhappy and a terrible story to have a infant swallow a piece of that plastic at the cake.

During the conversation, the representative from the company turns into irate. Not over the reality that this incident may want to have passed off at Pastry Passions however was irritated that the person reporting the matter had an attitude. This is a blatant violation and a fitness hazard that could deliver the store closed and you’re giving the consumer an attitude. I turned into upset because I expected better from Pastry Passions. They are all over the Jamaican media telling how good their cakes are blah blah blah. Truth be informed, they aren’t that true. Even their presentation sucks because the cakes on display are messed up, the icing does not maintain up. So whilst people can see flaws in your product and now have the guts to address it and purchase your goods, giving an mindset have to be the remaining factor in your mind. To deliver everything home, honey, this become now not a ordinary access degree employee dishing the mind-set and insolent behaviour that is from one of the managers.