Buying Emerald Rings the Right Way

Diamonds are forever and so is your love for the woman you want to share your life with. Diamond engagement rings are very popular because every woman likes to wear radiant diamond ring. Not all diamond rings are created equal, and a gorgeous ring become extra special on the ring’s diamond accent which is the most valuable factor of the ring.

If you are looking for a unique and stylish diamond id verification ring cut for your ring, the asscher diamond rings are one of the best on the market today. Asscher diamond ring is an octagon cut diamond, also known as square emerald cut, invented in 1902 by Asscher Brothers – Holland. This engagement ring style is another popular choice among couples as this has the distinct cut that is not seen on regular rings.

An Asscher diamond has many facets within, which creates more sparkles and adds to the uniqueness of the cut. Asscher cut diamonds are patented to Asscher family and contain unique identification numbers on them which can only be seen under very high magnification which is the basis for authenticity.

Engagement is a very special part of your love life and future wedding vows, and the ring that symbolizes your wedding promise must be equally special. Choosing which is the perfect engagement ring is to be done with taste and must consider the style of the ring which is one of a kind and full of glamour. Asscher engagement ring is undeniably one of the rarest diamond engagement rings available and the woman of your life will definitely appreciate how much you make your engagement very special by proposing to her with such as lovely, stylish and uniquely made ring.

When you propose to her, make sure that you will promise her a beautiful married life that you will share together and say it not only with just any diamond ring, say with a truly hypnotizing facets of an Asscher diamond engagement ring. Surely, you bride to be will be on ecstasy accepting your marriage proposal, and she will always be proud of the ring that tells how special she is to you and how much your love for each other means to you.